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Clara Czok

I am trained as a clinical speech scientist (speech science BA, MLU Halle) and Breathwork facilitator (4-year training with Rosmarie & Ulrich Lipp). As an academic speech therapist, I worked in a practice for voice, language, speech and swallowing disorders and give workshops on the topic of "voice and speaking at work" (e.g. for podcasters or language mediators). I am fascinated by the human breath in all its facets: as a bodily function that can be influenced or as a socio-cultural phenomenon. I am particularly interested in the connection between breath and emotion and that breathing can have a regulating or evocative effect on the sense of emotion. Especially our perception of physicality can often be influenced by messages that come from outside and/or have been internalized. It is important to me that in breathing sessions one can experience that there is a truth within. And with every breath, the breathing space can be enlarged and with it the space that we allow ourselves to occupy with what is right and important at the moment.


Rasmus Chodura

In addition to the Breathwork training, I have completed the Master's degree in Motology & Psychomotorics with a focus on body psychotherapy and am currently completing the NARM training course (NeuroAffective Relational Model - healing of developmental trauma). On the basis of this, a dream-sensitive attitude is important to me. In short, I assume that all behavior evolved for a "good reason" that wants to be understood and appreciated.


In addition to the breathwork, I work in Berlin in the field of organizational and leadership development and offer dream-sensitive (online) coaching for individuals. So if you would like one-on-one support after your breathing experience, you are welcome to meto contact. This can be helpful to further integrate the experience or to further explore specific themes that emerged during the experience. All further information about my coaching offer can be found here:

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